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Frequently Asked Questions

Answered by Our Las Vegas Traffic Ticket Lawyer

If you have any questions or concerns about your traffic ticket or how you can resolve it, the Law Offices of Kenneth G. Frizzell, III can help. Here, we answered several of our clients’ most frequently asked questions. If you do not see your question listed below, or ifyou have more questions about the answer we gave, please reach out to us today at (702) 979-7772 and schedule a free consultation with our Las Vegas traffic ticket attorney.

How Do Your Services Work?

Unlike many traffic ticket resolution service providers, the Law Offices of Kenneth G. Frizzell, III is an actual law firm. By retaining our services, you are hiring a knowledgeable Las Vegas traffic ticket attorney to represent you in court. In the majority of cases, our clients have no court appearances, no traffic school, and no demerit points on their licenses. The Nevada DMV and your insurance company may have no record of any moving violations.

By using our legal services, you not only protect your driving record but you also save yourself the time of waiting in lines, the need to leave work to accommodate court hours, the time spent driving to and from the court house, and money paying the outrageous parking meter fees every 10 minutes.

To get started, simply call our office at (702) 979-7772 or contact us online to submit your traffic ticket, DUI, or warrant information so we can give you a well-informed consultation.

Why Should I Fight My Ticket?

There are many options when you receive a traffic ticket in the Clark County and Henderson areas. In most cases, people simply pay their tickets and attend traffic school when applicable or required by the court. This, however, results in an admission of guilt, putting points on your record that both jeopardize your license and potentially cost you thousands in insurance rate increases. With the Law Offices of Kenneth G. Frizzell, III, you may receive no points on your driving record, and our law office goes to court for you, saving you both lost wages and time away from work or home.

How Do I Get Started?

Getting started with the Law Offices of Kenneth G. Frizzell, III is easy.

To process your traffic citation on the phone, please call us and have the following information ready:

  • Citation number – (located on the top right corner of pink tickets, or located at the top center of computer generated tickets)
  • Court – (located near the bottom of all tickets)
  • Appearance date – (located near the bottom of all tickets)
  • List of citations – (located on the middle of the ticket under the violation information)

You can also submit your traffic ticket, DUI, or warrant information online and our office will review and provide you with an evaluation. Response time for online submissions is typically within one business day.

How Do I Protect My Commercial Driver’s License (CDL)?

Protecting your commercial driver’s license (CDL) can mean protecting your career and your income. Our office has been 100 percent successful in making sure our commercial clients have zero demerit points on their record.

No matter what type of traffic ticket you have, the Law Offices of Kenneth G. Frizzell, III is committed to ensuring you receive no points on your commercial driver’s license and nothing on your driving record.

For more information or to get started, submit your traffic ticket online or call our office at (702) 979-7772 and speak with our traffic ticket attorney in Las Vegas.

What Are Your Service Rates?

The Law Offices of Kenneth G. Frizzell, III can represent clients for all types of traffic-related offenses, including speeding tickets, red lights, stop signs, reckless driving, aggressive driving, and accidents. Pricing is specific to the level of offense as well as the location where the citation was written.

The Law Offices of Kenneth G. Frizzell, III can also provide legal representation for DUIs, which is driving under the influence of alcohol or a controlled or prohibited substance.

Pricing for representation in this matter is as follows:

  • 1st offense: $1250
  • 2nd offense: $1950
  • 3rd offense: Call our office for a legal consultation.

The Law Offices of Kenneth G. Frizzell, III accepts cash or all major credit cards as form of payment. To help our clients, we also accept payment plans. Also, for your convenience, credit and debit card payments may be made over the phone.

Our Clients Share Their Experiences

  • My case was basically dismissed because he listened and fought for me!

    - Crystal B.
  • I have recommended the law office of Kenneth G. Frizzell III to my family and friends for legal matters big and small.

    - Sara K.
  • He's straight-forward, and is guaranteed to get you the best results for your situation.

    - Robin W.