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How A Las Vegas Traffic Ticket Works

Being slapped with a Las Vegas traffic ticket is a real bummer, but it’s something no one can avoid. All drivers go through an extensive process in acquiring their licenses. From written tests to driving exams, all are required to insure that people drive safely. But mistakes and accidents can happen, and tickets can be quite costly. In order to understand how traffic tickets work, we have provided below a few important points to remember.

The Difference Between An Infraction And A Violation

Traffic offense are divided into two: infractions and violations. If you are slapped with an infraction, this simply means that you have committed either a non-moving violation or speeding. People who are given infractions have to only pay the fine and not worry about getting jailed according to Find Law. Violations, on the other hand, are heavier to handle. This is related to much more serious crimes such as reckless driving, driving under the influence, and driving without a license or vehicle insurance. Violators will be booked in jail but have all the rights to a bail, an attorney and a trial. We focus mainly on these violations. Being the top traffic ticket Las Vegas resolution firm in Vegas, we receive and resolve thousand of cases every year.

Challenging A Traffic Ticket

If you have been stopped by a police officer for unusual reasons, you have the right to question it. This process does not necessarily have to be negotiated in court. You can either discuss for a lesser penalty and a cheaper fine or write an appeal. Chron has managed to write a guide about how to write an effective appeal. But if your case goes to court, you have to find a good Las Vegas ticket lawyer to defend your side. Most of these cases are handled in a civil matter, but trials can be a real headache if it comes to that. Fortunately, these are exactly the kind of cases that we specialize in. We expedite the whole process to save you both your time and money. In fact, we are a division of a certified law office making us the most legal and honest ticket resolution company in Vegas. With our help, you can have the assurance of not getting a glitch on your driving record.