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Simple Things You Can Do to Avoid Traffic Tickets Las Vegas

According to Insurance IIHS HLDI, vehicular crashes was the cause of the loss of 32,675 lives in the United States in 2014. Speeding, DUIs, and the absence of seat belt usage were among the contributing factors, amongst other driver misbehaviors, that contributed to the death toll. This puts getting the traffic tickets Las Vegas cites into perspective. It can be considered nothing compared to other more tragic outcomes. In the case that you find yourself with a traffic ticket, don’t hesitate to approach us for help. We are the #1 in Las Vegas when it comes to resolving traffic tickets.

Simple Life Hacks for Avoiding Traffic Tickets in Las Vegas

A lot of officers get a bad rep these days, however, we must remember that they are only doing their job which is to keep the roads safe for everyone. One bad cop in the news should not represent the hard working individuals that help us keep our streets safer. Here are a few tips offered by Reader’s Digest to help drivers get off with a warning.

  • Wave

If you were speeding and spot a cop car in the distance a simple wave “Hello” to the officer may show that you have acknowledged your mistake and are now correcting it.

  • Be Nice

If the cop pulls you over, it is best to treat the traffic officer like another human being because that is exactly what they are. Ask them how their day was and make polite small talk. Ask if it is okay to reach for your wallet. This shows that you are not reaching for a weapon. Officers go through so much every day with people who are rude and people who potentially put their lives in danger. Being a jerk will 100% get you that traffic ticket so don’t be one.  

  • Clean Your Car

However, old or new your car is, a well-maintained and well-cleaned car shows that you are a responsible person who abides by the law.