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For a Risk-Free Solution, Call DUI Lawyers in Las Vegas

The traffic court is never kind to irresponsible drunk drivers. In Las Vegas, driving under the influence imposes a minimum of $600 for its fine plus court costs on your first DUI offense. This hefty price can also come with jail time if another person was harmed or killed. In a legal matter as crucial as a DUI, it is essential to work with an experienced attorney who specializes in traffic-related cases. DUI lawyers in Las Vegas like Kenneth Frizell Esq. will help you save hard-earned money and keep you from spending precious years of your life behind bars.

Traffic Violations Can Lead You to Jail

Every year, cops issue an average of 41 million speeding violations. Going beyond the speed limit has become as common as a cold that it is in fact, considered as America’s most common traffic citation. Since it doesn’t come with criminal penalties and offenders are required to pay only a minimal fine, over speeding is considered as a “minor” violation by most. Only 5 percent of drivers fight their tickets in traffic court. However, this seemingly harmless case can easily rear an ugly head when you are caught with an alcohol level beyond the state’s limit or with illegal drugs in your system. Your then “minor” violation will turn into a criminally punishable DUI offense.

Alarmingly, DUI can result to possible jail time. In Nevada, even the first offense could send you to jail for 2 days to as long as 6 months. Consequently, drivers who get caught for their second offense get a possible jail time between 10 to 6 months. For those who still commit and get caught for their 3rd offense, it could land them in jail for a frightening period of 1 year to 6 long years! This is reason enough to consider getting the help of a Las Vegas lawyers for DUI charges. Saving your driving record is just the bonus as hiring us could save you from possibly spending a day or even years in jail.