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Dodged a DUI Las Vegas but Got a Speeding Ticket Instead?

Driving responsibly is no joke. The year 2015 saw a major rise in motor vehicle accidents 50 years which makes last year the most dangerous driving year since 2008. Which is why laws have become sterner and harsher to irresponsible drivers. Protect yourself from the Speeding citations and DUI Las Vegas issues. Leave it to us for a stress-free experience. Have us on your side when you choose to fight those traffic violations in court. We provide aggressive legal actions to save both money and driving records.

How Cops Determine Speed

Alcohol lowers our inhibitions. That is a fact. Another fact? Drivers tend to drive faster and more recklessly when drunk. This could lead to multiple traffic violations if caught. In the event that a cop misses noticing your inebriated state you could still be cited for a speeding violation. Get assistance from us to properly represent your case in court and significantly reduce fines as well as charges. Additionally, knowledge on the terms traffic cops determine vehicular speed is a key factor in contesting these traffic tickets.

  • Radar and Laser – This is item number 1 and 2. The driver can dispute both these processes by evidencing a malfunction in the equipment used or by proving that a human error on the part of the officer occurred.
  • Pacing – For this process, the driver must be able to prove in court that the traffic officer did not travel at the minimum required distance to get accurate results.
  • Aircraft detection – The driver must prove the loss of visuals or that there was a reaction time error on the pilot’s side.
  • VASCAR (Visual Average Speed Computer) – Just like aircraft detection, error in reaction time or a compromised visual from the officer are grounds for contesting this speed measuring process.