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What to Do When You Accidentally Lose Your Vegas Traffic Ticket

When you accidentally lose your traffic tickets Las Vegas, it is possible to get a replacement copy. It is worth the time and effort to attempt to acquire a new copy of your ticket because if you do not answer or pay it, you could automatically be convicted of the violation. But how exactly do you go about doing this? If your ticket was given due to speeding, beating the red light, or any other moving violations, you can do the following:

Find Out Where the Ticket was Issued

You need to find out which municipality or country you received the traffic ticket. If you do not respond to it within the required period, a judge could issue an order authorizing your arrest.

Get in Touch with the County Court

Getting a new copy of the ticket could be a little complicated. Once you already know where you supposedly committed the violation, call their municipality or county court. When you get in touch with the authorities, you need to provide your name, your driver’s license number, and if you have it, your citation number.

If you lost a ticket issued by Las Vegas Township Justice Courts Traffic Division, it is possible to pay your ticket online, but you need your citation number.

Decide How You Will Plead

Once you obtain the necessary information about your traffic ticket, you need to decide how you will resolve the issue. One thing you should remember is to never ignore your ticket. You can choose to plead guilty, no contest, or not guilty.

Pleading guilty or no contest means you need to pay the fine that corresponds to your traffic citation. If you plead guilty, you need to go to court and defend yourself or hire a lawyer that specializes in handling traffic ticket Las Vegas.