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Speed Limits You Must Observe When Driving in Nevada

There are only 4 states with higher speed limits than that of Nevada. The state’s maximum speed limit of 75 miles per hour is one of the highest in the United States. The maximum speed that all drivers traveling on Nevada roads should adhere to are clearly defined by the Nevada traffic laws. Driving faster than these defined limits could lead to a traffic citation, fines, suspension of driver’s license, and even arrest. In case this happens to you, you should call a ticket attorney Las Vegas for help.

Driving in School Zones

One thing you must remember when driving in Nevada school zones is that you can’t go over 15 mph. This rule does not apply on no-school days, 30 minutes before and after school hours, or if the school’s speed limit beacon is not flashing. If you still don’t know, speed limit beacons are signs with 2 or more yellow lights that alert motorists of the school zone’s speed limit.

Rural Freeways

Trucks can go as fast as 75 mph on rural freeways. These are the parts of the major highways of the state that pass through rural and areas with scant population. They have the highest legal speed limits in the State of Nevada.

Urban Freeways

The sections of large highways in a city or densely populated locations are called urban freeways. These areas are prone to traffic congestions and hazards due to their dense population so their speed limit is usually 65 mph.

Residential Areas

When driving through residential roads in Nevada, your speed limit is usually 30 mph. They have the lowest speed limits because they are prone to speed-based accidents and collisions. You will need seasoned ticket attorneys Las Vegas to get away with traffic tickets involving areas such as schools, hospitals, and construction zones. They usually have the lowest speed limits, impose the heaviest fines, and strict policies.

Divided and Undivided Roads

Both divided and undivided roads have a maximum speed limit of 70 mph in Nevada. However, if the route passes through a residential area of areas with heavy traffic, the speed limit drops to 30 mph or slower.