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Fines and Penalties for Traffic Tickets in Las Vegas

Nevada towns vary in terms of population. There are big cities like Reno and Las Vegas and there are also lots of smaller towns with a population that is no more than 100,000. Because of the difference in the population, fines and penalties for traffic violations in the state differ and depend on where you were issued the ticket. You can find the exact amount on your traffic ticket. A traffic ticket lawyer Las Vegas can give you more accurate advice about traffic ticket resolution.

Nevada Traffic Ticket Point System

The fines and penalties that come with a traffic ticket are determined through a point value system. The more serious the offense you commit, the greater the point value you incur. These points are reflected on your driving record for one whole year, but records of the violation remain. Get the help of a traffic ticket lawyers Las Vegas to negotiate your points.

Getting between 3 and 11 points within a year gives you eligibility to enroll in a safety course duly licensed by the Nevada law. If you enroll, 3 points from your record will be deducted.

Suspended and Revoked Driver’s License

Suspension means temporary withdrawal of your right to drive. A revocation is permanent termination of your license. Once revoked, you will need to take the driving tests again and reapply for a license which is not needed on suspended license.

Reasons for Suspension of Driver’s License

  • Street racing
  • Collision with a cyclist or pedestrian
  • Violation of Nevada DUI Laws
  • Getting 12 or more points on your driving record

If you are underage and driving you could have a suspended license due to:

  • Violating of curfew
  • Possessing and using alcohol and drugs
  • Violations involving firearms

Restrictions for Commercial Drivers

Commercial drivers are held to a higher standard than other drivers. Your license could get revoked for 1 year due to the following:

  • Driving with BAC of 0.08% or higher
  • Fleeing the scene of accident
  • Negligent driving resulting in homicide
  • Driving on suspended license