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Facts and Myths About Las Vegas Traffic Tickets

Just because it is a long-held belief does not mean it is actually a fact. This is true when it comes to traffic violations. Some of the long-believed “facts” are actually myths and those we hope to not be true, actually are. It is important to know the difference between these things so you can avoid trouble with the law. There are many questions that could best be answered by a Las Vegas DUI lawyer, but knowing the basics should help a lot.

Myth: The Court Will Drop My Ticket if the Officer Does Not Show Up

There are states that do not require the appearance of the officer. The judge could still try the case even if the officer does not show up. However, in some states, appearance is required. Your case could be tossed if the officer does not appear.

Myth: You Could Plead Not Guilty Because of Radar Inaccuracy

One of the most commonly used excuses when flagged down for speeding is radar device inaccuracy. Unless you have evidence to support this kind of claim, the judge will most likely not accept it. You could have a better chance if you say and prove that the officer’s radar speed gun has not recently been re-calibrated. Las Vegas DUI lawyers can help you win the case with this kind of defense.

Fact: Tickets with Clerical Errors are Still Valid

Clerical errors are not valid reasons for you to contest a ticket. The judge could consider misspellings and incorrect dates as mere typographical errors. They don’t pass as a defense.

Myth: You are Off the Hook if the Officer Forgot to Have You Sign the Ticket

Even without signatures, traffic citations are still valid. Attaching your signature only means that you promise to deal with the ticket or appear in court as specified.

Fact and Myth: Out-of-State Ticket Won’t Appear on Your Record

States that are part of the Interstate Driver’s License Compact (DLC) will forward reports of traffic violations to your home state. However, there are many states that are not part of the DLC; they don’t receive those reports.