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What Your Las Vegas DUI Lawyer Wants You to Know About Defensive Driving

A good tip to remember in Las Vegas is not never drive drunk. Having tons of bar options in the city, traffic laws are stricter than ever. When charged with a DUI, The Ticket Fixer will be the lawyer you need. Being a division of the Kenneth G. Frizzell III, Esq.’s law office, we are able to properly represent your case in court unlike most resolution services. As our clients are our priority, we put forth our full focus when handling your case to ensure you case time, money, and effort as well as your driving record.

Defensive Driving 101

Learning defensive driving will not only prepare you for times when you encounter drunk drivers but it will also help save your life and those around you. Read on for some tips on how to be a defensive driver:

  • Eyes on the Road and Off Your Phone

This may sound cliché but keeping your eyes on the road saves lives. Be aware of the traffic signs and signals as well as the traffic law where you are driving. Focus on maintaining a safe speed in accordance with the speed limit. It is also good to observe the road conditions and your position on the road.

  • Never Ever Drive Drunk or Sleepy.

Being drunk and sleepy will impair your senses which lowers your ability to react to objects on the road. One of the top causes of crashes is driving while not having enough sleep. It is equally dangerous to drunk driving. Get enough sleep before a drive especially long ones to ensure alertness while driving.

  • Mind Other Drivers

Be aware of the driver as well as other road users. This will help you prepare yourself to react to their movements. It is good to anticipate what other drivers might do on the road so you have react accordingly and decrease road risks.