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Tips on How to Make a Traffic Stop Less Stressful

Las Vegas traffic court is never kind to reckless drivers. This is because aside from endangering yourself you are putting the lives of other road users at risk as well. When charged with a traffic violation, contact us for help. We will take aggressive legal actions to make sure that your driving record is protected. With our service, there is no need to waste time waiting in lines to process your documents as well as take time off work to face the traffic court. We know how hard our clients work to earn money that is why we offer affordable payment plans to help our clients as much as possible.

Easy as 1 2 3

In 2016, 64 law enforcement officers have lost their lives on duty. Some of those are even for the most routine traffic stops. This is exactly the reason why causing tension during a traffic stop is a no-no. Follow these few easy steps to make the stop as pleasant as possible.

  • Pull over to the right is the right way to pull over. This causes less obstruction in the road, therefore, less traffic.
  • Keeping your hands on the steering wheel ensures the officers that you are unarmed. It is also a good thing to roll down your windows as soon as you get pulled over so you can hear instructions easily.
  • Follow instructions provided by the officer. Wait for them to give you a go signal to get your license. It would also help if you inform them that you are reaching for your license so cops won’t think that you are reaching for a weapon. If in case that you have a gun like in the case of going to target practice, it would be in your best interest that you inform them as well lest it pops out when you reach for your documents.

Traffic Court Las Vegas

Choosing to fight the traffic ticket Las Vegas cites can be quite demanding in terms of time and effort which may jeopardize your current job. Let us do all the work for you. We will resolve your case at the Las Vegas traffic court to help you deal with those bothersome traffic tickets. By resolving thousands of traffic tickets in Las Vegas and the southern Nevada area every year, we have become the #1 Las Vegas traffic ticket, DUI, and warrant resolution firm. Visit our firm at 623 South, 6th Street, Las Vegas. We are open on weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm.