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How to Avoid Drunk Driving in Las Vegas

Drunk driving is a serious crime. Although only considered as a misdemeanor, varying circumstances might mean years of jail time for those charged. Find a Las Vegas DUI attorney to represent you case. We put our full focus when handling your cases to give you the best deals possible. We are the #1 Las Vegas DUI resolution firm for a reason. When you acquire our services, we aim to provide you with open and fast communication so that you are up to date with the status of your case because we believe that you deserve it.  

Don’t Be a Drunk Driver

Be a responsible driver and never drive drunk. Don’t even think about it. When planning a night out, follow these few tips to ensure you don’t get into a DUI situation:

  • Have a designated driver among your buddies. This is the person who has to remain sober and is entrusted to take everyone home. To make things fair, alternate amongst your friends so that everyone gets the task.
  • When drinking alone, opt to leave your car home and call a cab instead. This is also a good idea in the case that the designated driver gets tempted to drink. Some bars even allow drivers to leave their car in the bar’s parking lot rather than drive home drunk. Just make sure you ask the bar first to avoid getting your car towed the next day.
  • Try a designated driver service. These are those that offer to take not only you but your car home as well. Some services are run by commercial companies and some are from a non-profit organization. Either way, the service ensures that you get home safely as well as keep the roads safe for other drivers too.