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Frequently Asked Questions About the DUI Laws in Las Vegas

There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding DUI laws in Las Vegas. If you, or someone you know, is involved in a DUI case, it is important that you find reliable Las Vegas DUI attorneys who can get the charges dismissed. It would also be of great help if you educate yourself on the basics of DUI laws and cases. This will help you make intelligent decisions regarding your case. Here are the most frequently asked questions about the DUI Laws in Las Vegas and their corresponding answers:

What are the consequences of breathalyzer refusal in Nevada?

When you applied for a driver’s license, you gave your consent to take a preliminary breath test if requested by the police. This is part of the Implied Consent Law. The police officer may take your license, take you to the police station, or if necessary, the hospital where you can take the test.

When do the Nevada police need to get your blood alcohol content (BAC)?

When the Nevada police have probable cause to believe you are violating the DUI law, you automatically give them the right to measure your BAC. It should be taken within 2 hours from when you were flagged down.

What is the maximum BAC for drivers in Nevada?

The maximum BAC for drivers in Nevada is 0.02% for drivers under 21 years old; 0.04% for commercial license holders; 0.08% for everyone else.

What are the minimum jail times for DUI offenses in Nevada?

Minimum jail times for DUI offenses in Nevada vary depending on whether it is your first, second, or third offense. For first-time offenders, only a 2-day or 48 hours community service is required; for second-time offenders, minimum jail time is 10 days; for third time (or more) offenders, a minimum of 1 year jail time may be imposed.

How long do prior DUI convictions stay on record in Nevada?

Prior DUI convictions stay on your record for 7 years. They can also be used against you when imposing a sentence for another DUI violation in Nevada.

How can I plead down a DUI to a “wet reckless” in Nevada?

DUI attorneys Las Vegas can help you lower your conviction from DUI to “wet reckless” or reckless driving involving alcohol. There is no guarantee that your wet reckless plea bargain will be accepted in Nevada, but your lawyer can create a plea bargain for you.

When are ignition interlock devices required?

In Nevada, an ignition interlock device is required for all offenses for 3 to 6 months whether it is your first or third offense.

Where can I get help after I am arrest for DUI?

We best DUI attorneys in Las Vegas. We specialize in all traffic tickets from general citations to DUIs and outstanding warrants. Each year, we resolve thousands of tickets in Las Vegas and the southern Nevada area. We are a real law firm with legal and professional lawyers who can effectively represent you in court so you can get the least possible penalties.